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Author: HKFA.ORG | Time:2016-12-19
[Dongguan, China] The 34th 3F had functional areas in an all-around way, so as to offer visitors a whole-new experience.

Leading the fashion trend of home industry in China, Dongguan is far more than the place where authentic information on fashion trend is first released. With an exhibition area of 750,000 sqm and the participation of more than 1,000 famous furniture brands, the 34th International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan), On September 3rd to 7th, 2015. Owing to the increasingly-diversified exhibit structure and its influence cultivated in the past 17 years, the 34th 3F will continue to be a long-awaited event for professional visitors, while the concurrent Famous Furniture Woodworking Machinery & Material Fair (IFM), Homedecor Fair, China Rosewood Furniture Fair and D+ Design Exhibition are standing out gradually.

The 34th 3F continues to boost the domestic market while expending overseas. The 34th 3F set up Export Pavilion at Hall 3, continue to upgrade hardware facilities and improve exhibition services, making it a carnival for the furniture industry.

Export Pavilion (the 2nd floor of Hall 1, 3 and 7) specializes in export products, the 1st floor of Hall 4 and the negative floor of Hall 9 (Famous Furniture Expo) in homedecor, the 2nd floor of Hall 4, 5 and 6 and the 4th floor of Hall 9 (Famous Furniture Expo) in rosewood furniture, the 1st floor of Hall 3, 5 and 6 in modern and classical furniture, Hall 4 (Custom-Made Furniture Pavilion) in homedecor, custom furniture and outdoor furniture, and the 1st floor of Hall 7 (D+ Design Pavilion)¡- In recent years, visitors who are familiar with the International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan) (hereafter, 3F), get to know that theme exhibitions in functional areas are picking up speed.

The 34th 3F divided all halls (Hall 3 included) into functional areas. Furniture insiders believe that as the 34th 3F divides functional areas, visitors can find their interested products in the exhibition with less time and trouble, while exhibitors can match more potential customers and cooperative partners much faster within the limited exhibition period.

Functional Areas Offer User-Friendly Experience.

Sore feet, sore ankles and sore legs are no stranger to the frequenter of furniture exhibition, however, most of them will say goodbye to us in the upcoming 34th 3F. 

The 34th 3F will exercise functional area division in an all-round way, so that the guests can visit the exhibition more easily. This functional area division involves all halls (Hall 3 included), which alleviates burdens on visitors' feet and makes this business trip a most relaxing and enjoyable one.

Similar products will be more concentrated after the division of functional areas. For example, upholstered furniture brands scattering at different halls in the past, will be put together in Hall 1 and Hall 9 this time, presenting an upholstered furniture feast for the visitors.

The 34th 3F sets up exhibition areas for outdoor furniture, upholstery customization and original design, which help avoid homogeneity in exhibits. Accurate division of exhibition areas also enables the exhibition organizer to make better resource allocation and competitive products with distinctive features to stand out. Many insider in home industry believe that, as functional area division better improved in the 34th 3F, visitors can find their products and brands without walking over every pavilion covering a total exhibition area of 750,000 sqm. At the same time, high quality products can stand out when similar products compete nearby and exhibitors can match, communicate and cooperate with more potential customers and cooperative partners much faster within the limited exhibition period.

In addition, more corridors linking different halls are used to make it more convenient for the visitors. The 2nd floor of Hall 1, Hall 3 and Hall 7 were linked by corridors to form Export Pavilion, and now a new pedestrian overpass connecting Hall 3 and Regal Palace Hotel will be completed during the 34th 3F, which will better improve the traffic condition and business relationship on both sides of Furniture Street.

More famous furniture brands come to exhibit.

More and more international brands choose 3F as their first channel to enter China market. Brands exhibited in Hall 9 (Famous Furnishing Expo Park) like MAGNIFLEX, Limitless, Simmons, Sealy and etc. choose Dongguan for the rollout of their latest designs and products. As the professional furniture exhibition with the most brands in China, the 34th 3F continues to gather famous furniture brands like de RUCCI, ZUOYOU, CBD, BOWAH, Frandiss, Crafit, Stylution, Hing Lee, Vine Art Gallery, CS, Youlian, Kinwai, Cityw, COOMO, Royal, Fuyun, Cheers, TYMJ, Sleemon, Serta, Gold Phoenix, OPAL, Yangchen, Monarchy, LORENZO and JFX bringing their latest and best products to the 34th 3F.

It is worth mentioning that China Rosewood Furniture Fair remains the rosewood exhibition featuring the largest scale, the most furniture brands, the most representative production areas and the most complete rosewood types. Famous rosewood furniture brands from major production areas like Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian will participate in the 34th 3F, including Youlian, Daiwei, Guoshou, Midita, Mingtang, Zhongxin, Jomking, Mingliu, Laiyunda, Yiguxuan, Zhicheng, Yizunxuan, Lao Zhou and etc.

Insiders believes that, as 3F expands its influence in the past 17 years, furniture brands come to 3F not only to do business, but more importantly to show brand images and better maintain customer relations.

 Latest Industrial Exploration And Achievement On Show

As the home industry slows down the growth rate in recent years, most furniture companies feel more stressed. In this situation, to know the latest industry mode, trends and information from 3F has become one of the most important goal for insiders to participate in 3F.

As one of the most dynamic areas for China home industry, Dongguan and the whole Pearl River Delta are the headquarters for home industry innovation and design. More importantly, Exhibition-Trade Integration developed by 3F in the past years has tremendously expanded time and space for furniture exhibition, which further stimulates the creativity of home companies.

Hall 9 (Famous Furnishing Expo Park), including Furniture Theme Brand Pavilion and homedecor exhibition area, is the world-largest exhibition-trade integration platform made by 3F. Hall 9 integrates brand exhibition, trade and business, wholesale and distribution into one, and differs from other pavilions, adopts exhibition-trade mode that combines professional exhibitions and regular exhibitions. An Online Expo will be launched, which creates online 3F O2O mode and achieves 360-days exhibition center, online and offline brand promotion center and world exhibition-trade integration platform. Creative marketing channel models like one-stop shopping center, warehouse and brand stores will have an overall display in the 34th 3F.

Different new models, new combinations and new designs gather and collide in 3F, which enables visitor to3F to keep up with the leading edge in home industry and find useful information and resources for future development. Hopefully, sparks from collisions can light up the torch of the next technology and model innovation, so as to speed up the development of home industry.
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