Home Accents Fair

Author: HKFA.ORG | Time:2016-12-19
Home Accents Fair

With the opening of Famous Furnishings Expo Park, Dongguan Home Accents Fair, housed in Basement 1 of the building and occupying 70,000 m2 of space, has become the largest scale home decorations exhibition in China. Occurring concurrently with the Famous Furniture Fair, Home Accents Fair is a twice-yearly event, taking place in March and September.

In order to respond to the ever increasing demand of the market and enable visitors to source home furnishing and household items, the Home Accents Fair formally separated from the Famous Furniture Fair in 2002, and since then has been held as an independent event concurrent with the fair.

With the opening of the Famous Furnishings Expo Park in 2014, the world’s largest platform that combines exhibition and trade was born. This platform fully integrates the home decorations industry and allows it to become one of the most spectacular elements of the home furnishing business. Combining exhibition, wholesale and retail and utilizing its unique position as a professional platform, this new addition has gained widespread acceptance within the household goods manufacturing industry and beyond. During the Famous Furniture Fair, this platform becomes part of the fair, directly supplying international commerce, purchasing and informational resources, as well as visited by professional buyers and designers all year round, providing a convenient means of exchange between different segments of the industry and improving the connections within the household goods manufacturing industry.

Factory outlets: the best jewelry business outlets are showcased deep within China’s furniture manufacturing base at the heart of the Pearl River Delta hinterland, taking advantage of corporate purchasing and fashion consumption resources.

Fashionable: showcasing the latest international home styles and leading fashion trends; presenting rich and contentful home design in a colorful and creative way, presenting fashionable and high-quality products.

Professional custom-made: providing professional home consultancy services, with professional home designers who tailor custom-made items according to individual requirements that best meet the needs of consumers.

Brand names : the venue includes more than 170 well-known Chinese and international brands such as Creative Co-Op, Fuhua Carpet, Adela, Kamtat Lighting, Qooltango, Ballerina, Blanca, Viva Bella, Omenia, Eafpg, Scarecrow, etc., representing a complete range of products including lighting , carpet , cloth, bedding, ceramic crafts, resin crafts , iron crafts, floral art and painting, encompassing Chinese, American , European, neoclassical , Southeast Asian, Mediterranean, modern minimalist and other styles.
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