Furniture Fair brings together the advantages of a unique industry leading brands

Author: HKFA.ORG | Time:2016-12-20
Open every year , the Chinese professional furniture exhibition will be staged in South exciting drama , and the first curtain opened , and as usual, the name of Guangdong Houjie Furniture , furniture industry here attracts worldwide attention. The upcoming 2016 and how a landscape ? From Famous Furniture Fair organizing committee, to be held in March 16 to 20 35th International Famous Furniture Fair ( Dongguan ) Exhibition (the ” Furniture Fair “) is still the brand famous Carnival , industry bright stars .

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Well-known household brands gathered in open feast

The exhibition will remain gathered the most outstanding furniture brand lineup. For example, in modern exhibition, exhibition of well-known companies have been identified including Benson, model, window of the city, mousse, big mansion, melting peak, Hua Chung, Taiwan rose, on Star, Yihua Timber, left, Saddle Ridge, Fu Yun, up to, Beijing Arts and Square, Langfang Huari, Fubon, CBD, Hennessy, dynasty, Hu Yaobang, Bao Le Mercure, bigger, international mansion, Sen Sheng, Cheung Kong, Bao Le Mercure, Jin Fuxuan, Jinfu Ya, Jinli Xuan, Monarchy, Yao Zhen and so on. In addition, American Express, Dixon, per case, Hua Wei, Yang Chen A family, ambition, beauty county, dream lily, Tianyuan, the United States Gordon, 斯瑞森 other well-known brands already booking a different exhibition booth.

From 2016 onwards, Furniture Fair Organizing Committee will integrate the advantages of resources, the original Chinese rosewood furniture Furniture upgraded to a Chinese cultural show.

After in 48, the name of Furniture has accumulated rich experience in organizing exhibitions, formed its own advantages pattern. Chinese furniture has been very active in the name of Furniture, became the birthplace of Chinese furniture fashion, the Union for the home, Hua Chung, Hong Puxuan, hall, and a number of companies have been rooted Huawei Furniture Fair, the formation of the Chinese show core furniture innovation.

2013 onwards, it is to follow the market demand , the Chinese furniture important class of mahogany furniture show together , forming a national professional Furniture in the largest and most concentrated brand , producing a representative of the strongest , most complete category of mahogany Furniture , concentrated in Zhejiang , Guangdong , Fujian , Shanghai , Shandong and other mahogany furniture, the main origin of the well-known enterprises , attracting more categories of professional buyers to visit procurement furniture Fair .

On the 35th Furniture Fair , the organizing committee based on the promotion of the healthy development of Chinese furniture , Chinese furniture enterprises to integrate all types of power , Chinese furniture culture research, design and other aspects of the Chinese rosewood furniture Furniture upgraded to a Chinese culture exhibition , is still focused on the Union , Philip opened , China Life , the hall , the East Baoding , Zhicheng , mid-red , Hua Song , Huari , Xia Mo , Ai Po , Su pears, Rococo , Ming and Qing dynasties from all ranks , etc. well-known brand around for the industry to bring the grand Chinese culture and marketing of furniture gluttonous feast.


Furniture Fair Hall 9 ( name Home Expo ) exhibition as an international platform for trade integration , also brought together Simmons , Serta , Mary Griffith , Lamborghini, Tianyi US home , Katherine Health , Hong Snedden , art Fujii , windows universal, Opal , Novartis, poetry Victoria Hall , Agile Court and other well-known brand , model , mousse , city , Cheers , when American Express , per case , Fu Bao , Fu Yun and other well-known brands it is not only in the 9th annual exhibition hall , but also in the 35 session of the exhibition also shows in other venues . In Hall 9, home accessories exhibition negative one , it will still converge include litas , Sha Hua , cool坦哥, Simone , Olsen Megiddo , you can be home , Fuhua carpet , Blanca and other well-known brands including hundreds of jewelry business .

Innovation Exhibition mode to show the unique charm

Relying Guangdong Furniture Fair this country’s largest furniture manufacturing base at home and abroad have grown into an important influence on the furniture exhibition . In recent years , Furniture Fair Organizing Committee according to the needs of domestic development of the situation and adjust the layout of the exhibition , both within the implementation of the export strategy to enhance the hardware and software services , promote development and trade integration , combining online and offline , home integration and other innovative mode, hold the unique advantages of the show, appreciated by many exhibitors .

Titanium Madi International Sales Director Wu Wei Home Furniture Fair is considered a show for a large country and the world , titanium Madi hopes Furniture Fair this platform to showcase the best work , so titanium Muddy again choose to name furniture Exhibition . And Yao Zhen , chairman尹志良furniture that has been brought to the industry Furniture Fair progress , constantly enrich the content , so that the participants continue to increase, and this is an important reason to attract more enterprises to participate Furniture Fair , and as the industry from Malaysia rookie , Yao Zhen in the name of Furniture also achieved very good results , so Yao Zhen insisted Furniture Fair exhibitors.


November 2015, High Point Furniture Fair and the establishment of a strategic partnership, to lead the company out of the country, to develop the international market. In the same month, as the name of the contractor Furniture, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, was named “China’s business capital of furniture exhibition,” while Zhu Changling, China Furniture Association as “the domestic furniture industry brand’s most concentrated areas.” Zhu Changling said that in recent years, China Furniture Association, authoritative information release for several years in the name of Furniture, and large companies are engaged in large-scale launch event here, because in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities have published information may be flooded , but is located in Houjie Town of Dongguan City Furniture Fair is the most concentrated areas of information industry, China’s furniture industry is also an information center.

Because of the unique advantages and effects of Famous Furniture Exhibition, the name of Furniture Show has become the first choice of the three places above Qicheng known furniture brands. On the 35th session of the exhibition, not only will bring together a large number of exhibitors over the years in the name of Furniture exhibition will also usher in a number of previous exhibitors over and see this good friend Furniture Fair exhibition effect, such as on Star, Mr. charge ratio, Omega, national forest, Luo Washa, Capet dynasty, Lin Long, wealthy Mingjiang like. At the same time, there are many well-known manufacturers to apply for the 2016 spring and autumn exhibition booth.


Highlights scene show worth the wait

The exhibition, the country is well-known exhibitors done enough to prepare, some will bring new products, while others are made to the original product upgrading, or open up the market through innovative models, hoping to show their style by name Furniture . For example, a few years after Mr. charge ratio to increase product development efforts, changes were made to the product, once again came to Furniture Fair exhibitors. Another example listed companies Yihua Timber will bring modern wood style of the new products, and bring fashion, texture decorated with soft assembly; local well-known enterprises in Dongguan Cheung furniture will bring a new series of “Jane Cheung Arts” products for the modern Scandinavian style, the introduction of Italy’s most popular design elements.

In addition, the President of Singapore Furniture Association unit brand Mingjiang and Benny British and other foreign brands, as well as to, Ai Po, FIG Mai, Su pears, titanium Madi, goodnight and other famous brands have been the name of Furniture exhibition effect and Services attracted not only to come to the exhibition, will also bring surprising good product. Among the exhibitors, there are many activities already begun preparations for the exhibition, such as local enterprises in Dongguan Bao Ju Le like.
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