Hong Kong Furniture Association 2017 Guancheng held a grand executive director

Author: HKFA.ORG | Time:2017-06-27

Hong Kong Furniture Association 2017 Guancheng  held a grand executive director of the General Assembly.  Mr Zhang Chengfeng Overwhelmingly elected a new chairman.

22th of June, Hong Kong furniture Association 2017 annual general committee meeting  elected Assembly at the Mandarin Hotel held in Guancheng. Total members 160 more than 200 people participated in the event, the meeting newly elected Hong Kong furniture 15th session of the general committee of the Association, Right On Development Ltd., the director of the General Manager Zhang Chengfeng votes elected new chairman.


Chairman of the General Committee Mr. Huang Jinbao

Chairman of the General Committee Huang Jinbao since Jan of  2013, served as the 13th General Committee of the association.  In Jan of 2015,  he re-elected the 14th Chairman of General Committee.

Huang Jinbao chairman in his speech, the Vice-President, members of the standard committee ,, all members expressed gratitude for the support during his tenure, he said: "help support, you are my good partner, good brother! Thank you as well! We work together, United as one, carried out a exciting activities one after another, Hong Kong Furniture Association will always be China's furniture industry leading flagship! "

When it comes to the future development of the Association, Mr Huang said: "the new normal" today, the furniture industry faces unprecedented challenges, Hong Kong Furniture Association  conform to the trend of reform, take advantage of the situation,  innovation, perfect mechanism, enhance the vitality, will keep Hong Kong Furniture Association leads China furniture industry and  keep the "Hong Kong furniture" brand and market position.

A new general committee, under the vote in democratic elections, born tonight! This mechanism embodies the Hong Kong Furniture Association for democracy, I believe: striving of the amazing resilience of our  associations improve and mature operation mechanism in Hong Kong, a new generation of leadership wisdom wise leader of the verve, and while we're all members of the Association work together in step. We will be out of the new way, we will have a new style and brilliant!

As far as the new committee of the Association, the Association has undertaken some important reforms, and the amendment of the articles of the Association. Such as the freshness of the Association for strengthening democratic institutions, our High popularity honorary president all active “tuiweirangxian” withdrew from the committee, so that more excellent enterprises into the new session of the committee. They are Dickson Furniture Co., Ltd, Leung Siuheii, Jade Rattan Ware Group Yeung Chunkit, Fortune Furniture Ltd Chan Oiman, for their historical contribution to the broad mind and for the Association, thanks! In addition, for the benefit of stable and lasting development of the Association, the Association starting from the next, two years into a three-year term, to ensure the continuation of the work of the Association.


Furniture list of the new committee of the Association:

Name and  Company name:

Zhang Chengfang  of Right Horn Development Ltd

Huang Jinbao of Fubao Furnishing Group Co., Ltd.

Leung Chishing of Dickson Furniture Co., Ltd.

Wu Kamchiu of Wellex International Machinery Co.

Luo Jinyao of AIM (HK) CO., Ltd.

Yim Shunfat of Sun Champion Trading Ltd.

Wong Mangngai of Hong Kong Tak Hing Fat (Holdings) Ltd.

He Shunxiang of Four Seas Furniture Mfg. Ltd.

Ng Chak Chuen of Goldfine Furniture(H.K.) Industries Co.,Ltd.

Tse Kam Pang of Hong Kong Royal Furniture Holding Ltd.

Zheng Ganquan of Yonghe Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Zhan Ruiqiang of Huamei Faerau Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Huang Weiye of Hing Lee (Hong Kong) Holdings Co., Ltd.

Wang Dongsheng of Window of City Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Tan Kaifan of Singways Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Lin Huilin of Valencasa Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Tan Yi of Henda Meisenmei Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Kie Wailun of  Simply CASA Ltd.

Tong Zhilong of Unnu Furniture Co., Ltd.                                        

Wang Xingchun of Baiyin Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Ren Zuohui of Yuan Zong Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Tai Oikwok of Hongkai Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Zhan Renning of Nanxing Machinery Co.,Ltd

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